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THT310 Advanced water and wastewater treatment engineering

Course contents:

This course prepares candidates to practice the knowledge of water and wastewater treatment technologies in the conceptual design and dimensioning of unit processes. Based on THT 271 and THT280, this course provides breadth and depth of knowledge and conceptual skills that allow graduates to function as designers. This course has a substantial part in engineering calculations. The course will address both water and wastewater treatment.


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THT311 Water & Wastewater Treatment (special topics)

Course contents:

This course is an intensive course complimentary to THT 271, THT 310 or can be taken as an independent professional development course.

This course focuses on thematic modules addressing modern water and wastewater management. Relevant topics will be selected for the current study year from the below list:

  • Water quality management and monitoring
  • Climate Change influence on water supply and wastewater management
  • Advanced treatment processes in water and wastewater treatment
  • Digitalisation of the water sector
  • etc
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THT313 Water Management in Cold Climate

Course contents:

Cold and temperate climates have special challenges when it comes to the management of water, water supply and wastewater treatment. Some of the most pristine environments are located in colder climates and the pollution of water by emerging contaminents, in addition to the nutrients, is an increasing challenge. Most treatment processes are temperature dependent, requiring additional volume and time due to the slowing down of conventional processes at lower temperatures. Water distribution and sewer systems need special care to minimise operational problems during winters and snow melting periods. Climate change often negatively impacts these conditions further. 

Lectures on: Water quality status, Water resources management, Water treatment, Wastewater treatment related to Cold Climates – including arctic and tempered climates, and impact of climate change

THT271 Basics of water and wastewater treatment technology

Course contents:

This course focuses on technologies that deploy water and wastewater treatment processes at utilities.

Students will learn about processes and technologies for designing and upgrading water and wastewater treatment plants. The capstone assignment is to design water and wastewater treatment plants upgrades based on two respective case studies.



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