CCWater – Graduates for Climate Change adapted Water Management

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Water ESSENCE Africa – creating synergy to meet the global challenges

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DIGIWATER- Digitalization of Water industry by Innovative Graduate Water Education. Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good parctices

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ECO-SOS: Development of Emerging Contaminants – Hybrid Soft Sensor for on-line monitoring of contaminants of emerging concern in water

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Water Harmony- who are we?

Water Harmony is a concept initiated by Harsha Ratnaweera, a professor in Water Technology at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), and his colleagues. The vision of Water Harmony is to harmonise water related graduate education across the globe; to continuously and collectively improve the global quality of water-related education through sharing of best practices. In this process, emerging challenges in the water industry and the resulting research, developments and innovations are also addressed.


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High-quality, evidence-based strategies for teaching and learning

International Water Summer School

Summer School consisted of studying two courses: ТНТ 311 Water Resources Management and Treatment Technologies (10 ECTS) and THT 312 Water Management in Cold Climate (5 ECTS).

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Our courses

Clean Norwegian drinking water should not be taken for granted. Climate change will make access to and use of water increasingly more important. Students must face this future with the required expertise.

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Student research labs (SRL) is a new initiative at the Faculty of Science and Technology (REALTEK) at NMBU to allow students to participate in research at an early stage.


Collaborative projects

Collaborative projects allow groups of people to work together to create online content. Two types of collaborative projects can be particularly useful for undergraduate research: Wikis and Social Bookmarking.