Connecting Train-the-Trainer, Social Learning and Sharing Final Outcomes in the SMARTEN Project Final Event

February 26, 2023

Concluding the Two-Year Journey of the SMARTEN on Skiathos Island, Greece, in June


The concluding event of SMARTEN will take place back-to-back with Tenth International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning, and Economics (CEMEPE 2023) and SECOTOX Conference in Skiathos island, Greece, from 6-8 June 2023, hosted by the University of Thessaly, Greece. The event aims to create synergies, test out SMARTEN’s intellectual outputs and explore future opportunities.


Three events will be held under the umbrella of this main event to meet the diverse backgrounds of the conference’s participants:


Multiplier Event: A follow-up on “Blended Workshop On SIM4NEXUS Serious Game”. This event aims to test the full concept of the gamified digital workshops and achieve a highly positive learning experience while exploring the Water-Energy-Food-Land-Climate NEXUS – by just playing!

Training of trainers on Serious Games in Water Curriculum. This training will facilitate the uptake of the methodologies and tools on active digital teaching and learning developed in SMARTEN by water educators in academia and lifelong learning.

Final Transnational Project Meeting: Conclusions and development planning, connecting the outcomes, the partners and creating a future for the project and this strategic partnership.


This collaborative event provided attendees with an insightful overview of each project, as well as an engaging workshop titled “The Role of Digital Education in the WEFE Nexus,” led by Zakhar Maletskyi,  SMARTEN project coordinator. Furthermore, SMARTEN partners had the opportunity to showcase their intellectual outputs through brief introductions. 

Intellectual outputs