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CCWater – Water Harmony

The Main Objectives

Strengthen water-related higher education in 6 partner countries to increase the resilience against climate change impacts by developing HEI’s competencies and skills with modern technology and teaching resources through the following five focus areas:
Climate resilience and sustainability
Enhance climate resilience and sustainability of water resources and infrastructures in the Partner Countries
Water-related higher education
Modernize water-related higher education with climate change issues and internationaliseHEIs from the Partner Countries
Competencies and skills
Improve the level of competencies and skills in HEIs from the Partner Countries
Relations of HEIs
Strengthen relations of HEIs in the Partner Countries with the wider economic and social environment, and enhance their innovation capacity.
Diversity and inclusion
Improve diversity and inclusion of higher education in the Partner Countries

Key concepts

Work package structures in “Graduates for Climate Change adapted water management”, developed by CCWater

CC Water Work packages:

CC Water Activities:

Project Partner countries
Project Partner Universities

Project Partners

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)Norway
Coordinator: prof. Harsha Ratnaweera (NMBU)

Research team members:

Harsha Ratnaweera, Professor, NMBU
Coordinator – Modelling and optimization of coagulation processes in water and wastewater treatment; Real‐time monitoring and control of treatment processes; Holistic optimization of sewerage systems; Virtual sensors and validation of measurements; membrane process; Image analysis for sensor development; Water resources management.
Zakhar Maletskyi, Associate professor, NMBU
Scientific manager  – Digital tools in Education, collaboration and strategic planning tools, Treatment processes. He also interested in Development of research projects on contaminants of emerging concern, Water in the circular economy, Membrane technologies.
Vegard Nilsen, Doctor, NMBU
Interested in all aspects of modeling and computationally oriented problems related to water resources engineering and environmental engineering. He is teaching various undergraduate and graduate courses/topics on microbial risk assessment, fluid mechanics and water engineering.
Susann Andersen, Project administrator, NMBU
Project Secretary – Management tools,  logistics.

University of warmia and mazyry oldtyn (UWM), Poland,
Coordinator: AssocProf. Sławomir Kalinowski

Research team members:

Katarzyna Glinska-Lewczuk, Professor, Head of Department of Water Management and Climatology, UWM
Hydrology/Hydrochemistry/Ecohydrology of freshwater ecosystems: monitoring and managing impacts on the water cycle on a catchment level. Stream and wetland restoration: Water remediation by nature-based solutions. Design and in-situ installations. Hydrological conditions as the main factor in the dynamics of biogeochemical processes in agricultural, forest and wetland habitats in the temperate climate zone (northern Poland).
Sławomir Kalinowski​, Associate Professor, UWM
Team manager – Flow analytical methods; Development of detection methods, automatization of analytical process, monitoring systems, construction of a system for electrocoagulation of wastewater, construction of electronic laboratory equipment – electrochemical devices: potentiostats, galvanostats, 3- and 4-electrode capacitance meters; quartz crystal microbalances, chemiluminometric detectors, flashlight reactors, sensors and actuators, electrochemistry of bilayer lipid membranes; Formation, Optical and Electrochemical observation of the membrane formation process, Ion transport through membranes, Electroporation and Electrostriction phenomena, Equipment for fuel cells, Equipment for analysis of ultra-low energetic bioprocesses.
Stanisława Koronkiewicz, Assistant professor, UWM
Focused on possibilities of application of flow methods in various types of environmental sciences, environmental monitoring as well as Automation in flow analysis and developments of a low-cost novel detection methods for environmental and healthcare applications.
Szymon Kobus, Assistant professor, UWM
Interested in Hydrology/Hydrochemistry: monitoring and managing climate impacts on the water cycle, meteorology, and climatology
Paweł Burandt, Assistant professor, UWM
Focused on Hydrology and Hydrochemistry of freshwater ecosystems (rivers, lakes, wetlands), Monitoring and mManaging climate impacts on the Water Cycle, Meteorology and Climatology, GIS- based (on-line) environmental analyses. Specialist in hydrometry, experienced lecturer in hydroecological measurements.
Bartosz Libecki, Technical aid, UWM
Specializes in Water Protection. Interested in Research on the coagulation-flocculation process- the optical methods of in-situ measurements; The use of paired LEDs to assess the content of organic substances in aqueous solutions. Uuse of galvanic cells for wastewater treatment.
Elżbieta Malessa, Administration, UWM
Since 1984 employment as technical and administrative staff at University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn

University of applied sciences and art (TH OWL), Germany
Coordinator: Dr. Martin Oldenburg

Research team members:

Martin Oldenburg, Head of the section Biological Wastewater Treatment and Reuse, Doctor of Engineering, TH OWL
Project manager  – Wastewater reuse, Simulation of Wastewater Treatment Plants and Resource orientated sanitation.
Stefan Wolf, Head of the section Software and Internet, Doctor of Natural Sciences, TH OWL
Project management – Focuses on Computer applications in the Environmental sciences and in digital learning.
Volker Pick, Environmental Engineer, TH OWL
Involved in teaching activities related to Land survey, GIS, Air pollution control
Claudia Steinert, Food Science Engineer, TH OWL
Involved in teaching activities related to Biotechnology, Wastewater treatment, Industrial wastewater treatment.

University of Peradeniya (UoP)sri lanka
Coordinator: Prof. S.B. Weerakoon

Research team members:

S.B.Weerakoon, Senior Professor in Civil Engineering, UOP
Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, Climate Change, Hydropower Development, Flood Modelling and Storm Water Drainage
K. D. W. Nandalal, Senior Professor in Civil Engineering, UOP
Research interests: Resources Systems Analysis, Flood modeling, Water Management, System Dynamics in Water Management, Reservoir Water Quality Modeling
G. B. B. Herath, Professor in Civil Engineering, UOP
Research interests: Treatment and Disposal Technologies, Appropriate Sanitation Technologies, Solid Waste Management, Water Quality Monitoring
Shameen Jinadasa, Professor in Civil Engineering, UOP
Research interests: Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management, Wetlands, Innovative methodologies in environmental protection
Nadeeshani Nanayakkara, Professor in Civil Engineering, UOP
Research interests: Electrochemical Disinfection, Advanced Oxidation Processes, Materials for Water Pollution Control
Prabha Weerakoon, Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering, UOP
Research interests: Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management, Wetlands for Tropical Waste Water Treatment, Water Quality Analysis
Gouri De Silva, Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering, UOP
Research interests: Climate Change Analysis, Hydrological and Hydro-dynamic Analyses, Socio-hydrology
Panduka Neluwala, Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering, UOP
Research interests: Flood Prediction and Mitigation, Climate Change, Weather Prediction, Dam Safety, Water Distribution Systems

Rajarata University of sri lanka (RUSL)Sri Lanka
Coordinator: prof. M.h.j.p. Gunarathna

Research team members:

M.H.J.P. Gunarathna (Janaka), Professor in Agricultural Engineering, RUSL
Coordinator  – Interested in Irigation & Water management and Crop & Environmental Modelling.
M.K.N. Kumari (Nadeeka), Seniour Lecturer in Water Management, Doctor, RUSL
Academic Coordinator -Focused on Water Quality Assessment and Modelling, Climate Change, Tank Cascade Systems and Integrated Water Resource Management.
N.S. Abeysingha, Senior Lecturer in Watershed Management, Doctor, RUSL
Focused on Watershed Management in an agro- ecosystem, Hydrology and Hydrological Modelling, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Nalaka Geekiyanage, Senior Lecturer in Forest Ecology, Doctor, RUSL
Focused on the Effects of soil moisture stress and Atmospheric Warming on tropical forest trees and crops

SOuth eastern university of sri lanka (SEUSL), sri Lanka
coordinator: Dr. A.M.A. SAJA

Research team members:

S.M. Junaideen, Dean, Doctor in Engineering, SEUSL
Advisor – Teaching hydraulic and environmental engineering subjects for the undergraduate students. At present, he is involved in groundwater and surface water quality research.
A.M.A. Saja, Lecturer, SEUSL
Coordinator – Interested in Indicators for disaster and climate resilient communities, social impacts on extreme climate change events, disaster, and climate risk-sensitive development.
M.C. Riyas, Head, Civil Engineering, SEUSL
Technical Lead – Teaching hydraulic and environmental engineering subjects for the undergraduate students. At present, he is involved in groundwater and surface water quality research. He also supervises the undergraduate research projects.
A.C.A. Suja, Lecturer, SEUSL
Team Member – Flood modelling, Water resource management.
Ajith Thampoo, Doctor, SEUSL
Team Member – Curriculum design, Development, and Quality assurance activities

Mongolian university of science and technology (MUST), Mongolia
COORDINATOR: dr. Ayurzana badarch

Research team members:

Ochirbat Baatar, President, Professor in Computer Science, MUST
Project mentor – Higher education studies, Computer Science.
Ayurzana Badarch, Lecturer, School of Civil engineering and Architecture, Doctor, MUST
Project manager – Water resource engineering, Numerical modeling.
Nasanbayar Narantsogt, Senior lecturer, School of Civil engineering and Architecture, Doctor, MUST
Project staff – Groundwater research, Hydraulic engineering.
Baasansuren Sandir, Senior lecturer, School of Civil engineering and Architecture, MUST
Project staff – Hydrology, Water governance
Boldbaatar Nyamjav, Senior lecturer, School of Civil engineering and Architecture, MUST
Project staff
Suuntsatsal Dovdon, Office Assistant, School of Civil engineering and Architecture, MUST
Project staff

National University of Mongolia (NUM), Mongolia
Coordinator: prof. SOninkhishig Nergui

Research Team Members

Soninkhishig Nergui, Professor in Biology, NUM
Coordinator – Biology, Water ecology, IWRM and Curriculum Development.
Davaa Lkhagvasiren, Professor in Biology, NUM
Research and curriculum development projects related to Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Resources Management in Mongolia.
Munkhtsetseg Zorigt, Senior lecturer, NUM
Hydrology, IWRM and hydrological modeling, Assessing and modeling Climate change impact on surface water and permafrost.
Gombobaatar Sundev, Professor, Head of Biology Department, NUM
Integration of the related programs at NUM
Enkhbayar Tojoo, Technical assistant in Biology Department, NUM
Gantigmaa, Doctor, Contracted NUM
Provide stakeholder participation and media
Purevtsogt Nugjgar, Doctor, Head of Program and quality assurance office
Support the activities with the institutional regulations
Tungalag Gaanjuur, lab assistant at Department of Biology
The Joint International Research Workshops and Field Woks

Qingdao University of Technology (QUT)China
Coordinator: prof. Xuejun Bi

Research team members:

Xuejun Bi, Professor in Water and Wastewater technology, Doctor  in Environmental Engineering, Dean , QUT
Coordination and contributing from China perspective, project promotion.
Lihua Cheng, Professor, QUT
Quality assurance policies and practices. Specializes in Wastewater Treatment Technology, Water Engineering Devices and facilities, Wastewater reuse.
Xiaodong Wang, Associate professor, QUT
Implementation, Remote joint supervision, conduction the training.  Interested in Environmental big data, especially in the investigation of climate data and data from human enhanced water system.
Ms. Xiaolin Zhou, Technician and Project Assistant in the School of Environmental and Municipal engineering, QUT
Mr. Bingchen Zhao, Senior Administrative Officer, QUT

Shenzhen institute of advanced technology (siat), China
Coordinator: Dr. Qi-ran Li

Research team members:

Qi-ran Li, Senior Research Engineer, Doctor, SIAT
Coordinator – Optoelectronic system integration and design, microelectronic engineering, underwater observation and imaging technology, non-destructive measurement based on optoelectronics techniques.
Jianping Claude Li,  Professor, Doctor, SIAT
Flow imaging technology, Spectral imaging technology, Biophotonics, in situ optical technologies for aquatic environment observation, and Advanced optical instrumentation.
Wei Chen, Sen. Res Engineer, Doctor, SIAT
Optoelectronic integration, Optical measurement and sensing, beam control and monitoring.
ZHU Ming, Assant Professor ist(Teaching staff), Doctor, SIAT
Spectroscopy and Applications Spectrum research.
ZHOU Zhisheng, Teaching staff, Doctor, SIAT
Computational imaging technology, in situ optical technologies for aquatic environment observation, and Opto-electronic instrumentation.
ZHANG Liang, Teaching staff, Doctor, SIAT
Optical fiber sensing. Optics Device. In-situ fluorometer. Underwater acoustic and optical imaging technology. Underwater vision-based measurement.
CHEN Liangpei, Engineer (Technician staff), SIAT
Specializes in microelectronic system design and realization has enabled various experimentation possibility for the students/
Ms. Ayu Joyce Luo, Project and Administration assistant (Administrative secretary), SIAT
Project manager – project management, administration, finance, and HR affairs
Research team members:
Prof. Quanhy Shi, IMUFE
Coordinator – Regional Financial Development
Wei Liu, Lecturer in Environmental protection, Doctor, IMUFE
Scientific manager – Coagulation process, Emerging pollutant control.
Chunsheng Zhou, Associate Professor, IMUFE
Technician – Prevention and control of agricultural land pollution.
Wulan, Doctor, Laboratory technician, IMUFE
Project secretary – Ecological environment changes with climate. Also, she oversees laboratory operation, including equipment maintenance & operation, chemistries purchase, safety, and training.
Liang JIN, Professor in Population Resources and Environmental Economics, IMUFE
Specializes in Population resources and Environmental economics.
Yintai NA, Associate Professor of in Grazing Economics, IMUFE
Appied chemistry and Water & Wastewater Treatment.


Project Success Manager, Gender Equality & Diversity Specialist
Institute Country
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Institute Country

Project Organisation

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)Norway

The project will be coordinated by a secretariate at the NMBU, consisting of:

Harsha Ratnaweera, Professor, NMBU
Coordinator – Treatment and transport processes, Process surveillance and Control
Zakhar Maletskyi, Associate professor, NMBU
Scientific manager  – Digital tools in Education, collaboration and strategic planning tools, Treatment processes.
Susann Andersen, Project administrator, NMBU
Project Secretary – Management tools,  logistics
Full partner name
Contact person
1 NMBU (NOR) Norwegian University of Life Sciences Harsha Ratnaweera
2 UWM (POL) Uniwersytet Warminsko Mazurski W Olsztynie Slawomik Kalinowski
3 TH OWL (GER) Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe Martin Oldenburg
4 UoP (LKA) University of Peradeniya S.B. Weerakoon
5 RUSL (LKA) Raja Rata University of Sri Lanka Prof. M.H.J.P. Gunarathna
6 SEUSL (LKA) South Eastern University of Sri Lanka A.M.A. Saja
7 MUST (MNG) Mongolian University of Science and Technology Ayurzana Badarch
8 NUM (MNG) National University of Mongolia Soninkhisig Nergui 
9 QUT (CHN) QingdaoTechnological University Xuejun Bi
10 SIAT-CAS (CHN) Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology – Chinese Academy of Science Qi-Ran Li
11 IMUFE (CHN) Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics Wei Liu

Contact Us

We highly encourage further cross-boundary participation and collaboration, and invite you to get in touch without hesitation – your curiosity and interest is appreciated irrespective of whether you are a student, researcher, executive or a leader in academia, government and an organisation. For more info, please contact any of our coordinators representing a partner or a topic, or the project secretariat.

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