WaterH Eurasia2011Norway, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine
WASO - Water, Society and Climate2013Norway, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya
IMPREC - Improving wastewater treatment with better phosphorus recovery 2014Norway, Poland
WaterH Erasmus
2015Norway, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, China, Sri Lanka
Water Magic - Water Management in Cold ClimatesNorway, US, Canada, South Korea, China, Japan
MEMPREX - Membrane Processes for Research and Educational Excellence2017Norway, Canada, USA, Japan, China
TENOR - Towards circular economy in organic farming2018Norway, Ukraine, Germany and Belarus
AECo – Advancing ElectroCOagulation for water safety and circularity2018Norway, Canada, USA
SWARM – Strengthening of master curricula in water resource management for the Western Balkan HEI and stakeholders2018Norway, Serbia, Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Montenegro, Bosnia & Hertzegovina
Water Harmony JPI – Closing the water cycle gap2019Norway, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Spain, Israel, USA, Australia, Singapore, China, Netherlands
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Challenges in Utilizing Water Resources in Lower Reaches of Kanakarayanaru of Northern Sri Lanka for Efficient and Equitable Water Allocation2018Suthakaran, Navaratnam & Ketheesan, B & Ratnaweera, Harsha & Sivakumar, Saravanamuttu
Multivariate Chemometric Analysis of Membrane Fouling Patterns in Biofilm Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor2018Kulesha, Olga & Maletskyi, Zakhar & Ratnaweera, Harsha
Model-based measurement error detection of a coagulant dosage control system2018Liu, Wei & Ratnaweera, Harsha & Kvaal, K.
State-of-the-art of membrane flux enhancement in membrane bioreactor2018Kulesha, Olga & Maletskyi, Z & Ratnaweera, Harsha
Microbial community composition of a multi-stage moving bed biofilm reactor and its interaction with kinetic model parameters estimation. Journal of Environmental Management2018Wang, Xiaodong & Bi, Xuejun & John Hem, Lars & Ratnaweera, Harsha